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Gadget Insurance

Welcome to Buddy's world of great value Gadget Insurance for your Smartphones, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Cameras, Games Consoles, Headphones and many more groovy gadgets.

NEW- Cover your iPad Mini from as little as £4.00 a month. is one of the UK's leading providers of specialist Gadget Insurance specifically for those gadgets we value the most. Buddy is our energetic gadget companion who's always looking out for new and interesting ways to help our customers get great value gadget insurance and keep us all up to speed with the fast changing world of all things gadget! Buddy's aim is to help as many people across the nation not to lose out when they lose, break or have their gadgets stolen.

We have the Gadget Insurance protection you are looking for knows that keeping up to date with the latest gadgets can cost you a small fortune, which is why Buddy continues to provide affordable gadget insurance which will give you peace of mind should your iPhone take a trip down the loo, or your tablet crack on a commute.

With Gadget Insurance UK starting from just £1.49 a month, will protect your lovable gadgets against the perils of modern day life so that you can feel reassured when using your gadgets at home, away and all over the world.

Flexible Gadget Insurance Cover

We know that one size doesn't fit all, so uniquely our insurance allows our customers to choose the insurance cover levels they need for each of their gadgets reflecting the way in which they are used at home and away. This approach also offers great value for money with customers only paying for the level of cover they need.

Lose your gadget if it wasn't screwed down? Buddy also offers customers the option to add additional loss cover to their policy for a small premium.*** So if you are just one of those people that can't bear not being joined at the hip with your gadgets, then check out our loss cover option so that you never have to be apart from your gadgets. From Digital Cameras and Smartphones to Tablets and Laptops, insuring gadgets with our fast, inexpensive and simple service is the smart thing to do to ensure your gadget will get a Buddy for life.

Save up to 15% with multiple Gadget Insurance with**

Applies to certain gadgets only
The person named on the policy must be the owner of the gadgets