Welcome to the gadgetbuddy.com Affiliate Programme!

gadgetbuddy.com is one brand underneath the ROCK Insurance Group umbrella of innovative insurance products. Insurance is underwritten by UK General Insurance Limited. Policies are administered by gadgetbuddy.com; and the coupling of these top class providers mean that gadgetbuddy.com are always committed to providing consumers with the very greatest value gadget insurance. And the great value doesn't stop there; gadgetbuddy.com offers customers an excellent service from the very moment they pick up the phone or visit our website all the way to receiving a new or fixed gadget having made a claim. We provide gadget insurance for...

  • iPhones.
  • Laptops.
  • iPads.
  • Mobile Phones.
  • Digital Cameras.
  • Gadgets.
  • ...and much more

The Benefits of Gadget Insurance with gadgetbuddy.com

Accidental Damage- The unintentional and unforeseen breakage or destruction of Your Electronic Equipment, with visible evidence of an external force being applied and which results in the Electronic Equipment being unusable.

Theft- The unlawful taking of Your Electronic Equipment against Your will by another party, with the intent to permanently deprive You of that property, or burglary by forcible and violent entry, or the removal of Your Electronic Equipment by forcible and violent means against Your person.

Loss- Where the Electronic Equipment has been accidentally left by You in a location and You are permanently deprived of its use.

Breakdown- The failure of any electrical or mechanical component in Your Electronic Equipment due to a sudden and unforeseen fault, which causes Your Electronic Equipment to stop working in the way the manufacturer intended and which requires repair or replacement before the Electronic Equipment can be used again.

Malicious Damage- if an electronic device is damaged through the deliberate actions of another party we will repair or replace it. Where only part or parts of the device have been damaged, we will only replace that part or parts.

Fraudulent Call Use- if an electronic device is lost or stolen, we will pay up to £100 towards the cost of calls, texts and data downloads made without your permission while the gadget is not barred by the airtime provider, within 24 hours of the device being lost or stolen.

Worldwide Cover- if you are taking your gadget overseas

The Benefits of Becoming a Paid Affiliate or Affinity Partner

Rock Insurance Innovation are always keen to acquire new affiliates and affinity partners, who are as dedicated as we are in providing the very best gadget insurance, giving our customers - peace of mind when buying a new gadget or electronic device. In order to sustain our successful relationships, we provide tailored marketing material and a dedicated link for your site. When you sign up to the affiliate programme with gadgetbuddy.com, we don't just provide a link; we provide an account manager who is on hand to provide support on a daily basis.

We are always open to get the best from our relationships, so if you have any questions, advice or ideas about becoming an Affinity Partner or a Paid Affiliate, please do not hesitate to contact admin@gadgetbuddy.com.

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