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Apple iPhone Insurance

Apple's smartphones are some of the most sought-after gadgets on the market and they also carry a premium price tag. This makes getting insurance an essential act for any current owner. You can easily insure your iPhone online with in a matter of minutes, getting instant cover against all of those everyday problems that will face you when using your handset in the big wide world.

Value up toMonthly Cost of Insurance
£1000 £4.99 - that's just 16p per day!

Cheap iPhone Insurance That Protects From the Unknown

If your new iPhone accumulates physical damage it can not only ruin the stylish image of an iphone look but also make it difficult to use as it is intended. The screen can crack and splinter when dropped so you cannot interact with the mobile, the internal hardware can become damaged through liquid spillages or serious impacts and so our Apple iPhone insurance can help you drastically reduce the cost of getting it repaired or, should it be irrecoverably damaged, replaced. Damage can be both accidental and malicious, so your iPhone insurance covers you for both types because you never know what might happen.

Added Protection with iPhone Insurance

Another thing to consider is the fact that thieves will be on the look out to pilfer your prized handset. Our protection against having your phone stolen or lost can mean that even if it is taken you can get a replacement within three days, minimising the amount of time you are not able to use a smartphone. What's more the excess you pay when making a claim is a lot less than it costs to replace an entire handset.

Protect From Theft With Our new iPhone Insurance

Theft comes with other problems other than the simple cost of getting a new model, because iPhones are often distributed on contracts and so illicit use of its calling, texting and web browsing facilities might generate a daunting bill with your network provider which of course you will be expected to pay if you do not report the theft straight away. Insurance can even help in this respect, covering fraudulent usage up to a set amount of £100.

iPhone owners are typically enterprising individuals and because the handset can do so much you will want to take it with you wherever you go, even if that means bringing it with you on holiday. As a result you might want to add worldwide cover to your iPhone insurance. This will add £1 to the sum you will pay each month, but it can easily be justified by anyone who has distant lands and travel plans on their mind.

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